Blippar uses AR to help customers find their way indoors

Blippar, a startup in the augmented reality launched in 2011, today announces the release of a new product - a technology through which retail shopping centers, airports, commercial property owners can implement content with augmented reality into their business.

The product is called the Blippar Visual Positioning System, and it uses computer vision and augmented reality to help customers and tenants find their way in a large enclosed space such as a grocery store, department store or stadium.

According to the company, in the summer of 2017 the team launched the AR City application, which uses a camera phone to accurately determine the user's location with greater accuracy than GPS. Blippar made the use of AR City possible in more than 300 cities.

The Visual Positioning System should be more profitable. The location system is one of the most important parts of the digital lifestyle, which is not yet completely overloaded with advertisements. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to imagine the advertisement appearing in a department store or sports stadium, while the user will be looking for a beauty salon or the nearest shop with hot dogs.

Blippar sees the opportunity to use this technology for retail and shopping, entertainment and games, tourism and even design, giving interior designers the opportunity to test furniture with the help of AR, find out how the paint color will look, etc.

Blippar will also be able to boast about the opportunity to give representatives of the retail industry unique information about how customers move around the store. Since the system uses computer vision to determine the user's location, the product can be used offline.

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