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Create a unique digital solution for the FUN BOX gift set to engage parents and children in a charity campaign at Avrora supermarkets and provide an exceptional experience. This project, in partnership with Avrora, combines innovative AR technology with charitable giving, creating unforgettable moments for kids and their parents.

The main objectives of the project are:


Our team, in collaboration with Avrora, developed augmented reality for temporary tattoos available with the purchase of a FUN BOX in their stores.

For every 90 UAH spent at Avrora or on partner products, customers could buy the FUN BOX gift set at a discount. The set includes 20 animated tattoos.

To bring the tattoo to life, simply apply it, point your phone’s camera at it, and watch as unique and vibrant AR animations come to life.

All profits from the sale of FUN BOX were donated to the "Children of Heroes" Charity Foundation.


The campaign is currently running

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