Augmented reality as new instrument of communication

Social networks offer their users a new way of communication: that one with use of AR-technologies.

Augemented reality is not an amazing innovation anymore. 
Now it’s an everyday instrument, which is accessible to everyone. Designers of Shapchat were the first, who have proved it.  With help of application of Lens function brands can interact directly with consumer, and users obtain new interesting experience. This option allows imposing amazing bright pictures and characters upon the image, taken by camera, creating in this way unique photos and videos. 

Advanced brands (Clairol, Adidas and others) use this opportunity for promotion and advertising, offering their users original images for Lens, which would also call associations with a product. By the way, now in Snapchat one can attach hyperlinks to such objects of augmented reality, and these links redirect the visitors on advertiser’s site or his or her landing page. Furthermore, here could be integrated function of activating video and even an initiation of the app’s downloading. 

Facebook also does not remain on the sidelines. In the nearest future in Stories will appear function which enables creation of 3-dimension pictures, which could be drawn before the video recording or during the recording process. From the aspect of marketing, it provides another instrument, which makes possible establishing tight relations with a user and plant positive associations in his or her mind.  

Both giants of the industry offer instruments of augmented reality for users and create special platforms for developers. By means of these platforms anyone who wants can fulfill his or her unique idea and implement it for use in a social network and make it an instrument of promotion of a brand, of community.  

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