easyJet uses augmented reality for checking baggage size

British airline easyJet has developed an application with augmented reality to make the process of baggage check easier. Now passengers can scan hand luggage and check if its dimensions have not been exceeded. 

easyJet uses the Apple ARKit 2 technology. Cabin Bag Sizer is available during the process of checking in for clients who booked tickets with this airline. You scan the image and a 3D window appears in front of you, which helps you to see if your luggage size is appropriate. 

 We are constantly looking for ways to improve travel experiences for our clients, and this technolohy is a great example of that. With its help, the process of preparing for the trip becomes easy and fascinating - Daniel Young, easyJet Head of the Digital Technology Department. 

This application has been downloaded by more than 30 million users. With the help of innovative technologies, the problem that many travellers have often encountered, has been solved.

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