Gyroscope-quest in augmented reality by Live Animations

Live Animations has released an AR app Sharmuziks that enhances the reading experience for a children’s book. The book Sharmuziks is the first work of a young author who is already working on the follow up story.

The fairy tale will take you to the magic city Shmur, which is home to cute and furry creatures called Sharmuziks. It is a story about 5 friends who decided to challenge their fears and do what no one could - to go on a journey and find out what is hidden outside the Big Meadow. With the help of augmented reality, our little reader can immerse in all events and quests of the magical world: walk through water, travel through portals, meet new friends and fight enemies. There are a total of 5 AR pages in the book.

Live Animations invite readers to become a part of an interactive experience. For example, in one interactive scene, a key is lost in the professor’s room - a very important and necessary item for the heroes of the book. You will need to try to find it using the gyroscope functionality of your smartphone: wherever you point your smartphone, you will feel as if you are in that room. In this way, a reader immerses in the story completely with the help of AR.

AR functionality works simply. The user downloads an application, points a smartphone at the illustration - and characters of the book step out from the pages. Also, in addition to deep immersion in the fairy tale, little reader can make selfies and videos with the heroes and immediately share them with their friends in social networks.

For creating this and many other inspiring AR experiences, we are recognized as a top New York Mobile App Development Company on DesignRush - an authoritative aggregator of the world’s top software developers.

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