Using AR in New York City Marathon

AR will be integrated into several events to surprise and delight not only the runners but also their support groups.

A few weeks before the race in Brooklyn, a huge 16 by 39-inch poster with AR functions was installed to inform fans, residents, and participants of the giant race about the possibilities of this application in advance.

AR Application Chips:

- real-time location tracking of any of the runners (friend, professional athlete or celebrity), which makes it possible to quickly move to them for support. Create a tracking route using navigation. Calculation of the approximate finish time. Plus, after the race, you can view and analyze the results on each individual section of the route;

- Any user can share a link that initiates the automatic download of the application with the specific runner that you want to track during the race. And there are no restrictions on the number of tracked runners;

- Assistance in creating a route for navigation in New York, to observe the runners and, if necessary, calculate the approximate time for finishing the runner;

- The ability to create and publish in social networks all kinds of photos and videos of fans and runners. Plus, the most interesting of them will be placed along the track with the ability to support runners;

- You can follow the leaders and get access to the biography, records, and images of professional athletes participating in races.

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