Tim Cook on Augmented Reality: "I think AR will change everything"

On November 18, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, shared his predictions about augmented reality in the HBO broadcast  television.

In the series of documentary news by Axios, a small stage taking place on the Apple campus was devoted to Cook's interview with two journalists.

− “In several years we will not be able to imagine our life without AR. This is an extremely comprehensive platform” – states Cook at Apple’s new headquarter.

Later on,  the news team and he went outside, where Alessandra McGinnis, AR manager at Apple, presented an application called iScape. With its help, users can create a virtual landscape that displays all the shrubs and trees, as well as measure the intensity of daylight. This application allows you to virtually evaluate the possibilities that real environment provides to your project.


The co-founder and executive editor of Axios Mike Allen and chief technical correspondent Ina Fried asked Tim Cook why Apple declares its strict privacy policy but still charges funds from Google for integration into Apple applications. Cook pointed to the fact that Google is the best search engine, also mentioning that privacy settings are available in Safari.

AR smart glasses

“Technologies are good through their never-ending development, right? We always strive for the best. Our team could be at the forefront of augmented reality. Therefore, people will be able to get AR experience and look at it in completely different ways in the future. Nevertheless, even now there is an opportunity to create and do quite interesting things,” Cook replies, slightly avoiding the question.

Future AR

The interview was entirely devoted to the topic of advanced technology. All examples were demonstrated using the iPad.

 “Technology should improve and expand human activity. Augmented reality is incredibly powerful in this area. I think AR will change everything,” Cook says.    

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