AR Featured App by Within Studio: Read Aloud with Augmented Reality

A well-known developer of content
with virtual reality decided to release his first application featured with augmented reality called Wonderscope, keeping up the forecasts and trends of the market.
An app is made for kids that use ARkit-featured iOS devices.
The environment, where the child is, turns into an interactive world that motivates the user to read aloud. The application responds to speech, and the words are highlighted when you utter them. 
Different characters help the user to make the reading process funnier. Each of them is open to interaction.
Wonderscope is a tool that helps  a child acquire simple reading skills in a form of an interesting game using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

“Millions of children have even more screen time than adults and often experience it alone. Augmented reality gives an opportunity to change this dynamic. Instead of looking at our devices whole time and to be so cut off,
Wonderscope promotes a new kind of positive screen experience that reveals everything and everyone around you,” says Chris Milk, Founder&CEO of the studio.

The application offers its users to read one story for free — “A Brief History of Stunts by Astounding People”. For the second one, which tells the events of "Little Red Riding Hood", you must pay $ 5. You need to pay $5 for the second one - “Little Red Riding Hood”.

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