AR will become one of the main marketing tools in 2020

The world's leading brands are similar to the stars of show business. Both the latter and the first must constantly amaze their fans. Otherwise, market leadership cannot be held. That is why leading companies are increasingly using innovative AR-technologies in marketing.
The main trend of 2020, marketers call the use of WebAR, that is, AR without first downloading applications. Already, many brands are actively using such technologies, and this trend will only increase. The size of the WebAR market today is estimated at 16.6 billion US dollars, and by 2025 it is projected to grow to 198 billion.
Such optimistic forecasts are based on the AR marketing potential just beginning to unfold. Among the main commercial opportunities of this technology, direct communication between the brand and the consumer, as well as the ability to “try on” products remotely, are considered the most promising.

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