AR technologies that will replace traditional photos and videos

The editorial office of the information publishing house the Verge went to the office to see firsthand how the creation of three-dimensional memories happens. The video is shot in a special studio, equipped with many cameras and a special background, which allows to impose any environment. The characters are in the center of the production room. It can be mother and child, the whole family, or even people who want to capture themselves as a specific character (gladiator, astronaut, racer, etc.), for which the appropriate background in the software is selected.

It can already be said that the 8i technologies have a great future. This approach is designed to expand the scope of the application of augmented reality, in addition to the gaming industry and entertainment, which currently are the fastest growing areas. The company is exploring the question of how much their development will be able to replace regular family videos and photos for people.

The technology can be used for marketing purposes as well, since a large number of people will want to experience more real memories, and this can create a whole commercial industry in the future. Even today, the results of 8i's work are impressive. After completing the work on the recording, you can completely immerse yourself in the footage, seeing the scene in three-dimensional space, while watching yourself and a loved one. All employees of the company have already taken AR-photos of their children to view them through virtual reality glasses and other popular gadgets.

 People tend to keep memories. A solution based on augmented reality will make the development from 8i something familiar and even necessary, like a camera, for every family. First, there will be specialized recording studios, and then it will be possible to do it in any shopping center, and eventually buy the necessary device in the online store and use at home.

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