AR represents model Mission E from Porsche

Augmented reality is the newest way to promote products. This approach is employed in many business spheres. And mechanical engineering is also not an exception.

Company Porsche in collaboration with Google has created an application of augmented reality, which is designed for model Mission E. It allows choosing one the few regimes of view.

Now the application is created for smartphones on the basis of Сoperational systems iOS and Android. One can download this application from AppleApp and GooglePlay stores.

It is expected that Mission E will come up for sale by the end of 2019. Innovational application allows viewing of new Porsche model right now.

According Kjell Gruner, one of Porsche managers, motorists could get acquainted with the electric sport car. He also pointed out that technology of augmented reality allows displaying interesting technical aspects of latest technologies in online regime. It’s essential for the company that users get acquainted with the offers of tomorrow as quick as possible.

The application is intended to provide information from different points of view in order to get acquainted with the concept of PorscheMission E. For instance, using it one could study the details of the car’s aerodynamics. The «X-ray» photos provided open opportunities to learn everything about battery technologies and car’s drive.

The application also allows putting any color the customer wishes on. The program exercises virtual test-drive of added reality, what is done by regime of interactive control.

Technology of augmented reality conquers the world. It opens up new possibilities in marketing domain. Producers could serve their product in excellent way.

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