AR-marketing becomes useful for users

Have you seen the operating manual for your car lately? Certainly, this bulky book gone lost somewhere in the bowels of the glove compartment. And when there are problems, in search of the necessary instruction it is necessary to turn over tens pages. Mercedes-Benz solved this problem with the aid of augmented reality (AR), launching a new application.

Now if the tyre went flat, you just need to run the application on your iPhone to find a jacking apparatus or find out which way to turn the key to back off. AR-manual will find the necessary answer itself.

Is it a new marketing strategy? Rather, the Company was guided by the idea of bringing more comfort to its customers. Thanks to AR, Mercedes-Benz managed to find the way to make life easier to car-lovers, so the information on all car functions was available in a convenient digital format.

The app "Ask Mercedes" will quickly find the answer to any question of the car owner. The system reacts both to the digital input of information and is able to recognize video and audiotext, including responding to voice commands. It is only necessary to put the smartphone camera on the part of the car, and a special "AR-beacons" will apear on the screen. Steering wheel, dashboard or center console - the application will immediately provide the needed information upon request, providing video clips, diagrams and a solution to the problems.

Mercedes-Benz tested new opportunities in the US at the end of last year, and now, when the pilot phase is completed, the company launched an advertising of the innovation, and began to implement the application in their cars. So far, the option is available only for Mercedes cars of premium class - sedans of E- and A-classes in 2018, the owners of which have iPhone6 and newer models.

The Company promises to adapt the technology for all models of its cars in a short while.

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