Live Animations AR rated by customers as 5 points

Augmented reality (AR) has come a long way from the concept of science fiction to its actual use in practice. Based in New York, we specialize in developing innovative loyalty programs for retailers and brands based on AR / VR

We proud ourselves on the average rating of our AR / MX apps - 4.5 - while the industry average is 3.6. We have a development experience that exceeds 220,000 hours, and we do not plan on stopping any time soon. 

The team has extensive practical experience in using technologies such as 3D modeling, creating 3D animations, ARkit and ARCore, augmented reality based on geolocation and much more.

Our projects are different by a high level of technical quality, evoke emotion and are well remembered. All the company's developments are aimed at developing the abilities of the young generation, preserving and strengthening families, moral and cultural values of society, achieving success in the production of useful goods and services.

It is very valuable for us that many customers leave feedback about our work on the platform  DESIGNRUSH. It was they who rated  results at 5.0 stars, which led to the fact that the company became one of the leading in the world in the field of AR / VR  and Top Software Development Companies In New York 

The creator and owner of Live Animations, Andrey Tymoshenko, notes:

"Gathering customer feedback after the launch of the project is one of the key points in the work of our company. We have a special quality control department, whose staff contacts customers and ensures that all their expectations are realized. Customer reviews help us to constantly improve our products, grow, develop and quickly fix any problems." 

One of our recent clients was a large international cosmetology company that wanted an effective AR solution on Christmas Eve. And our team was able to create real Christmas magic for their New Year's catalog.

The head of marketing for the firm said that the AR solution resulted in viral content, which made everyone happy! It also helped create a fun and happy atmosphere for Christmas and New Year for all of their users.

Our work has been featured on The Manifest, a business news and how-to site, which has ranked us as one of the leading AR companies in New York.  

You can also find us on Behance, a platform for visual and creative design firms that recommend our company as a high-level contractor.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our full portfolio, which has many works, including for children's books with educational content that delight children and parents.

We want to thank all our clients who gave us the opportunity to implement such exciting projects! Our team is ready to realize your dreams and visions. Contact us to find out how we can improve and enhance your product with AR.

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