AR-Application helps to organize an event of any scale effectively

AR in creasingly goes into the business category to increase efficiency in solving tasks. A vivid example was the XR Event Planner application, which enables event organizers to use Nreal Light smart glasses or mobile devices to visualize upcoming event spaces with realistic lighting effects, sizes, objects, and even fabric textures to design room plans in AR.

The event planning and hosting industry in the United States alone provides more than $ 330 billion a year. But the organization itself, the selection and booking of premises is a long and complex process requiring a lot of time, research, travel and remote cooperation between several parties for a long period of time, while not guaranteeing an accurate sale. This program helps to make this process simpler and more efficient.

Using a mobile application with an exciting design and a remote collaboration function, all parties can place, configure and coordinate objects according to their wishes, coordinate with each other immediately in real-time with a complete understanding of the future location, and manage the implementation in accordance with the plan.

Plus, this application helps event organizers reduce the costs and time they spend on trips to select spaces, which will lead to faster sales cycles and lower booking costs.

This cross-platform solution has good prospects in development and application, as it gives one the opportunity to show and sell the premises to people who are not even directly located in this city or even the country, and to others to choose and coordinate with potential for a shorter time and in a more economical way Customer suitable spaces for future events.

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