AR glasses are becoming more affordable

The world is slowly getting over the pandemic shock. Hence, the Chinese company Nreal reopens orders for its Devkit AR-glasses. This AR start-up entered the market a few months ago, but then the coronavirus lockdown created some production and sales interruption. Now, everyone can become the happy owner of a fashionable device. Still, it does not come cheap: the full Devkit costs $1200. This price includes a pair of glasses, a 3DOF controller and a computational unit. Devkit focuses on games, since AR, at least for now, is mainly used in the entertainment industry. The company also offers to buy a bundle of 2 Nreal Light devices for the multiplayer game. In the near future, the release of a more affordable consumer edition of the headset is expected. That should come at a retail price of $500. Instead of three devices, it will contain only glasses, which will be synchronized with the smartphone. It requires a rather new smartphone running at least a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. 

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