Amazon increases its effectiveness by attracting users with new features

Amazon now offers the opportunity to try on clothes with the help of augmented reality

Amazon took a serious step towards a radical change in the approach to sales. The implementation of the augmented reality technology into retail business can forever change the industry.

Starting November 1, one of the world's largest trading platforms has launched a new functionality for its customers. Now the client can use the function called AR View. This direction was being developed for several years by a separate group of developers. Augmented Reality View is Amazon's glance into the future. Now, in just a short second, you can project any stocked goods onto real decorations. All you need is a smartphone, but so far augmented reality from Amazon only works on the iOS platform. In the future, the technology is expected to be adapted to Android-based devices.

Augmented reality works as follows: you select the product you like in the Amazon application, whether it's cooking utensils, interior decoration items or clothes, and click on the camera icon. The product image goes through the process of 3D rendering, after which the application communicates with the camera of your device and displays the 3D model of the selected product in the current environment. In practice, the solution looks realistic. The light reflection of the product converges with the specific lighting of the room in which you are at the moment.

To date, "try on" option applies only to goods such as furniture and kitchen cabinetry, as well as other household items. At the moment, development for other product groups is also underway, so soon the company will be able to significantly change the retail industry. Already, the development leads marketing corporations to a new level of interaction with the customer, which other large market participants cannot boast.

Amazon says that as a result, the users get more information about the desired product, which will boost sales and make customers "want to buy" a specific product quicker.

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