AllyBank in augmented reality: ingenious marketing solution

The application is intended to appear on the day of Super Cup, when millions of viewers are chained to TV-screens. This solution only looks simple, but in fact it’s a lot harder than it seems. The marketers have called it «ambush campaign».

Ally Bank is not an official sponsor of Super Cup. But only in the last year the Super Cup’s audience reached 111 million of people. Clearly, it’s a golden time for advertisers, but not each of them wants to pay an outrageous sum for a short television announcement. Many companies, including so large as Mersedes Benz, plan to compete with TV for the viewers attention by addressing with this purpose particularly to mobile applications. But Ally Bank is the only one, which plans to use augmented reality for this purpose.

In the new game application, the bank intends to propose users choose a purpose he or she wants save money for: whether it would be a purchase of house, wedding of dream, or long voyage. Then during each commercial break money start falling around the user and forming stacks on the floor, table or other items, which surround the user. The gamer’s task is dragging money into the piggy bank and getting scores for it. The one, which collects the highest score, is offered an absolutely genuine money prize for fulfillment of his or her dream.

Ally Bank plans to attract the users’ attention not only with assistance of forward AR-technology, but also due to non-standard appeal. «On the day when America appeals its citizens vociferously to spend much money possible, we break this trend and call our clients for saving money for fulfillment of their dreams», - commented Andrea Breammer, chief specialist on marketing and PR in Ally.

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