8 technical trends to watch in 2017

 Let's take a look at some of the high-tech trends that we need to watch in 2017 and which have great usefulness potential for people.

# 1. Cryptocurrency

To be more specific, I must call them "bitcoins." These are digital versions of cash that can be used as a substitute for regular money.

The "Bitcoin" trend is enjoying rising popularity due to the growing number of benefits (from security to convenience and everything in between).

You can even store your bitcoins in a digital wallet (for example, a BTC wallet) just like you store your money in a physical wallet. As a result, the risks of theft and burglary are also significantly reduced.

# 2. The growth of virtual reality

The virtual reality technology was previously considered an avant-garde technology that seemed possible only in science fiction films and games. Today it has become a part of reality.

And it is spreading its wings, especially in the entertainment industry (movies and games) and to other important areas of our lives (such as real estate, employee training, education, tourism, etc.).

# 3. Chatbot Technology

The trend of Chatbot pretty much took the world by storm. More and more companies are using this trend over time to automate business processes, which can save them a lot of money, on the one hand, and increase revenues on the other.

The uniqueness of chatbots is that they are actually bots, but they can not be attributed to bots, if you do not know about this fact.This may seem paradoxical, but it's a fact.

Thus, enterprises will be able to automate their customer service, on the one hand, and maintain human contact on the other. This is a certain side of the chatbot trend, there is no doubt about it.

# 4. Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles

The technology of unmanned aerial vehicles is not something new, to be honest. Previously, they were used mainly by the army for various surveys of the territory and detection of the enemy. But now the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles is gradually gaining strength as a result of the benefits that come with it.

The real estate sector is also not far behind. They also use unmanned aerial vehicles as part of their aerial photography campaigns.

The technology of an unmanned aerial vehicle can increase convenience and be low-budget at the same time. Therefore, I can easily say that this trend exists and, of course, it is visible in 2017 and will be in subsequent years.The best example is Amazon, which already uses unmanned aerial vehicles as part of their delivery, Prime Air drones. Thus, there is an opportunity for acceptance, and we can easily predict that more and more e-commerce companies or retail companies will use unmanned aerial vehicles as part of their shipping operations.

# 5.  Augmented Reality

So, we have already talked about virtual reality. This will be incomplete if we do not talk about its closest partner, i.e. augmented reality.

Augmented reality is the technology that imposes CGI on the user's view of the real world. This gives the user a composite view, in which objects in the virtual world mingle with real-world objects to create a mixed-reality effect.

AR technology revolutionized education, advertising and real estate. Companies can attract more business and promote their products in a completely new format that is quite attractive from the audience's perspective.

# 6. Big Data

In previous years, analysis of large databases was considered something of a luxury.But today it has become an integral part of necessity.

The use of large databases has become a trend of its own due to their benefits. Let's look at some of them:

So, you can only draw one conclusion from all the points mentioned above. Large databases are here to stay. Let's wait and see what miracles they can bring in the years to come.

# 7. Driver-less driving

Remember the Steven Spielberg classic: Jurassic Park? There were driverless cars in it. Now, it's just a movie.But today it actually became a part of reality. Tesla already included driverless technology in some of their cars. Here is a demo video: Tesla video

# 8. AI-based personal assistant

The development of an AI based personal assistant has almost become a race against time. Almost all the big giants of the industry such as Amazon, Google, Apple etc. are trying their best to create the best artificially intelligent personal assistant of the lot.

Here are two examples for you:

 Like I said before, trends come; trends go but only the strongest survive the rat race. But will these 8 also follow the same footsteps? Only time will tell.

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