Billa Ukraine





Business objectives: to increase check averages and attract new customers.


Live Animations and Ugears teams together have created an exceptional loyalty program that merges real and digital worlds in one game. The loyalty program Singing Farm features a collection of 25 self-assembly toys (made from eco-friendly wood) and a mechanical diorama of the Farm itself, where the collected heroes can be placed on. Moreover, with the special mobile app, you can scan each assembled toy and move it to the Singing Farm mobile game. The in-game features allow you to run your own farm business and receive bonuses in the form of virtual currency. Besides, each scanned character can be viewed in augmented reality from all sides. After all the farm work is done, the player can experience first-hand what it is like to be a DJ. A certain game feature gives the opportunity to create unique music tracks, mixing the sounds of collected characters, including the farmer himself, animals, and equipment.


All the metrics increased by 2 times compared to previous loyalty programs of the chain.