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What AR IS

Augmented Reality (AR) is an effective marketing tool that creates a new unique brand world,
strengthens its advantages in the actual reality and gives the user a unique
multimedia experience of interaction with the product.

In what areas
is AR used:



Game industry


Pharmaceutical business


Military industry

What features
AR provides:


increases the likelihood
of re-purchasing
a product or service


The brand provides
an individual
and unique design


emphasizes the strengths
of the brand


makes the product
a multimedia


Increases the time
the audience interacts
with the product


brightly identifies
the product among others

Augmented reality
is №1 solution, when:

You need to increase
the company's sales
within the season or
 within the year
it is necessary to bring
to market a completely
new product
a second wind is needed
for the stagnant product
you need to increase
the number of repeated purchases of the product
it is necessary to make
a creative campaign
and a WOW-action

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