Auchan Retail Ukraine





Business objectives: to increase check averages and attract new customers during the holiday season.


In this program, common tools became innovative technology-enhanced. The customers can collect a set of promotional Christmas ornaments featuring 14 unique characters. The toy packages are opaque (sachets), so the buyer does not know which character he will have this time. The customers can also buy paper self-assembly Christmas tree, which can be decorated with promotional ornaments. There is a grand prize hidden in one of the sachets in each of the major cities. The one, who finds it, will have a limo ride with Santa and the Elves.

Each ornament’s character can come to life and show its interactive animation in the free mobile app. Besides, if several ornaments come into the camera's field of view, they all simultaneously come to life, and their characters begin to dance to the Christmas music. Moreover, the user can even choose the melody for this dance.

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