ABC Fun with Mickey

Brought to life in AR the most famous mouse on the planet - Disney’s Mickey Mouse - to create a breakthrough edutainment experience.

ClientLittle Hippo Books, Disney
IndustryAR Books


For a new children book ABC Fun with Mickey by Little Hippo Books, we created interactive AR content that makes Mickey step out from the book pages and take readers on an alphabet-learning adventure. The book, full of iconic Disney characters, have become even more special for children, as learning alphabet when Mickey himself teaches you right in front of your eyes is much cooler.

To make these alphabet-learning adventures one-of-a-kind, we added interactive gaming AR content that could be activated via a free app: now, Mickey not only names and shows letters, but also encourages his readers to find the objects on the page that start with these letters and learn how to write them just right through the smartphone.

That’s a whole new level in edutainment content!


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